DJ Playlist


How long is a song?

It would be necessary make a distinction between types of songs. The commercial songs that are typically heard on the radio, usually have a duration of three minutes and a half. Say three minutes to round because the I mix it. Disco songs usually take from 4 to 5 minutes each song

1 song = 3 minutes > 10 songs = 30 minutes > 20 songs = 1 hour > 4 hours = 80 songs moreless.

Note that we have rounded the time of each song.

Some special moments need a special song:


· Guest arrival

· Groom entry

· Bride entry

· Rings

· Pronouncement as husband and wife


· Guest arrival

· Bride and Groom arrival


· Bride and Groom arrival

· Gifts

· Speeches

· Cake


· Bride's bouquet

· First dance Bride and Groom:

· Second dance with parents.

· Garter

· Last song

Bride and Groom Playlist.

How many songs shall we include?

All you want. It's your day and I will play all your favorite songs.

Generally usually ask about 20 songs at least. With your selection'll have a reference of your musical styles

You can also add a request playlist from your family and friends. The more information I have about your family and friends musical tastes better.

Songs request

I like that the guests ask me songs and do everything possible to play it in the right moment.

I have extensive music library with me but, no matter how much music you have that always some one can ask you a song that I don´t have ( Murphy's Law ) but, if a get a wifi connection I will find it, and play it.

Top 25 (will be updated shortly)

This are a list with the moust requested songs:

Disco music (>120 bpm)

Latin music

International hits

Spanish music

Spanish Oldies