Karaoke rental in Mallorca

alquiler equipo de karaoke


Available with english and spanish songs

Karaoke rental. Components


Altavoz JBL JRX 125

With 2800 lumens, HDMI and resulotion until 1080p.


proyector epson con USB y HDMI

Screen 1,84 x 1,84 meters.


Luces Led

Dynamic multi color lights stand


MicrophoneMicrophone with stand


The karaoke rental cost 320€/4h. Include transport, assemble and assistance.

Rent it in two steps

First step

Please fill this form to check availability

Second step

In case is availabe you need to pay 25€ for the reservation by cash or bank transfer. The rest from the amount must be payed in place before the beginning from the event.


Transport are include?

Yes it is.

How long takes the karaoke services?

From the time you are ready to run 4 hours, each additional hour is an extra cost from 40€.

What mean assistance?

You choose the karaoke songs and we played for you