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Wedding DJ Mallorca

Wedding DJ in Mallorca


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About me: DJ Erik

Party DJ

I grew up under the sun in Ibiza. My first job was as an entertainer and DJ in many tourist complex. Since then, I have played in Ibiza, Menorca, Benidorm, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria and in the best Island of all: Mallorca!

I can speak different languages, such as Spanish, Dutch, English, German, Italian, and French. That helps me communicate with your family and friends if they want to make any music request.

How I DJ

I mix your playlist, your family and guest music requests, the top party hits and my persona touch.

My job is read the dance floor and play "the right song" in "the right moment" to keep all of you on the dancefloor with positive vibes.

Have a look on instagram icon Instagram for see some photos and videos (I will upload more viceos and photos this summer).

Music: Ceremony, Cocktail, Dinner & Party

I can play & mix any style of music you want me to: Motown, Funky, Classic rock songs, Best of the '70s, 80's and 90's, International Pop & Rock charts, R&B, Disco & House music, ...
In a wedding you have guests of all ages and tastes, I do my best to mix all music styles to make all the guests dance and have fun!

Wedding Reception

I play a mix of chillout music, acoustic and love songs so all the guest feel welcome and comfortable.


These are special and personal songs. I need to know which particular song you liked and at what moment. Coordination with the celebrant is essential.


I start with acoustic Spanish guitar songs, continuing with nice chill-out and slow beach house tunes. In case you want me to play any specific playlist or music style please let me know.


A wedding dinner takes several hours: I start with nice love songs, followed by Spanish guitar songs, classics, slow pop songs and, other styles to create a happy and feeling during dinner.

Party time!

I always request the Bride & Groom a playlist. You can send me one with around 25 personal songs (or more). You also know the music taste from your family and friends so if you include some songs from their likes it will be perfect for me.
In case you have some banned songs, please let me know (please don´t tell that anyone).

Sound & light equipment


Music players: With my Pioneer equipment, I can play mp3, USB with mp3 songs, mobile devices like phones, tablets, laptops, iPods,...

Speakers: I use Pioneer PRO XPRS speakers with 2400w each one to give you the best quality on your event.

Microphone: If someone wants to say something, announcement, sing a song,... I will have a wireless microphone ready for it!

Party Lights

Sound and light effects in a party bring the party to another level. Nice multicoloured lights effects dancing with led bars is the best combination to create a Great Party!


Light´s included? Yes, they are. Two dynamic multi-coloured lights stand with 4 lights each one and one led bar.

Can the guest make music requests? Yes! I love it! Always! And I will play it so soon as possible.

Wedding Location In case I don´t know the location, I will inspect the place before the event date to ensure that everything is under control. We can also meet there if you come to Mallorca for some months before your wedding.

On the event date, I arrive at the location around 2 hours before the ceremony starts. I talk to the other departments involved (Master of ceremony, catering, wedding planner), so is everything under control.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me:

Wedding DJ Mallorca

Erik-Jan Bastmeijer

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